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Artis Brushes: The Ultimate Search For An Affordable Dupe

The Ultimate Search For An Artis Brush Dupe!

Does a true Artis brush dupe exist?

Well, that’s what we’re here to find out! I’ve had my Artis Oval 7 brush for a bit now, and I’m on the hunt to find the best and most affordable Artis brush dupes that I can! Just a kind of guide to this post, it’s a live post! And what I mean by that is that I will be continually updating this post as I receive different brushes and gather my thoughts on them!

So if you’re as interested I am in finding dupes for these interesting paddle/toothbrush looking makeup brushes, then definitely bookmark this post and check back periodically! For more real time updates, you should check out my youtube channel and subscribe! I’ll be putting up really in-depth videos and also posting them here too!

If you don’t know what an Artis brush is…

If you haven’t heard of these Artis brushes, then chances are you’ve been living under a rock. Just kidding! But seriously.. These oval makeup brushes have been everywhere! All over YouTube and Instagram, these Artis brushes are becoming increasingly popular. They are shaped like a toothbrush (sort of) and from the back, they kind of look like a spoon!

Artis Oval 7 Brush

Artis Oval 7 - Does an Artis brush dupe exist?

They’re incredibly dense and soft, and the idea behind them is that traditional makeup brushes are made for you to apply makeup to someone else, while these brushes are made for you to apply makeup to yourself! Cool idea, right? And I really like it! I honestly feel like it is a very natural feeling to apply foundation and other makeup with this brush once you get used to it.

Another advantage to these brushes is that because the Artis brushes are so dense, they apply foundation to the face while absorbing almost no makeup at all! The brushes are so dense that there is no where else for the makeup to go but onto your face. So definitely have a light hand with these brushes. Less is more with Artis!

Here’s my first impression of the Artis Oval 7 brush.

Now on to the actual dupes!

Kingmas Oval Brush - Artis Brush Dupe!

Kingmas Oval Makeup Brush from Amazon

This Kingmas brush is the first dupe I have received thus far, and I have a 10 pc set from AliExpress coming later this month! I was so incredibly excited when I got this in the mail. I’ve been loving the finish I get from my Artis Oval 7 brush, and since this brush is quite a bit smaller than the Oval 7 and closer to the size of the Artis Oval 6. A good addition to my collection, or at least that’s what I hoped…

The video above is of my first impressions of this Kingmas oval makeup brush, and I know it’s long. Don’t feel like you have to watch the whole video. I made it with the intention that people could skip around and see the real time application that I get from these brushes.

Artis Oval 7 vs Artis Brush Dupe

Unfortunately, this dupe was really a miss for me. At only $5 from Amazon, I had great hopes for this Artis brush dupe. The shape seemed good, and it did look very dense. And heck, for $5 (and free shipping!) that is very affordable!

I just found that this brush is wayyy too dense. Which is insane! The Artis Oval 7 is already a very dense brush (that’s what allows for a very nice application), but this one was even more dense. Either that or maybe the bristles were too stiff.

How Does This Artis Brush Dupe Compare To The Artis Oval 7?

On it’s own, this Kingmas oval brush does seem pretty soft, but once you feel the Artis brush, the difference is huge. Like Grand Canyon huge. Or  the Milky Way huge. There’s just no comparison. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little… But the difference is incredibly noticable! And yes, then Oval 7 brush is $60, but so far, I think it’s a $60 well spent.

So is the Kingmas oval makeup brush a dupe for the Artis brush? I don’t think so. I had a really hard time blending anything with this product, and the only thing I use it for is contouring the nose (which I love it for, by the way).

Final Verdict: Pass

 Buy The Kingmas Brushes

Update: June 1, 2016

Unbranded 10pc Set from Ali Express

So this brush set was uuultra cheap. I got the entire set from Ali Express for just $16! That includes shipping. It took almost 4 weeks to get here though, so that was kind of frustrating. But I guess you get what you pay for! Sort of.

I was really excited to get this set. I’d only tried my Oval 7 and the brush from Amazon, so I was hopeful that this set could be the dupe set I’m looking for. And well, I wasn’t too disappointed. The brushes came all packaged together in plastic. No box or anything, and I can tell you that the quality isn’t anywhere near as good as the Artis Oval 7. The quality of the cut of the fibers is a little lower than I was expect. You can tell that they weren’t cut perfectly evenly, but again, I guess you get what you pay for. The brushes I got basically look exactly the same as the Kingmas brush – just without the logo.

The comparable brush in this set is quite different in texture and performance than the Kingmas brush, so while they look the same, I’m not fooled. They definitely aren’t from the same manufacturer – at least on the end of the bristles.

One thing I am very happy to see from this set is that these brushes are very dense! Not overly dense like the Kingmas brush, just right I think. And overall, I really do like them. For a while I was reaching for the second largest brush in this set over my Artis Oval 7. That’s not to say that it’s a better brush, but more to say that I was pretty happy with the performance.

I will say that you have to keep these brushes clean. I didn’t wash them for over a week, and it got to the point where I just couldn’t use it on my face. It didn’t feel soft anymore.. I’m not sure how to explain it, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. So just make sure you’re cleaning the brushes often!

If you want to see more on what I think about these brushes, then definitely check out my first impressions video on them. But, I wouldn’t recommend jumping for these just yet. I got a new dupe set (also 10pc) in the mail yesterday. I got this set from Amazon (with prime shipping) for just $19.99. Seriously.. And the set is considerably nicer looking. The cut appears to be much much cleaner, and I’ll be filming a first impression very soon. Stay tuned!

Final Verdict: Best so far!

Updates coming soon!

As I mentioned earlier, keep an eye on this post, because I will be updating it as my search for an Artis brush dupe continues! I hope you found this post helpful, and good luck in your own search 🙂

P.S. If you’ve found an Artis brush dupe that you love (or hate), leave me a comment! I’d love to hear about it

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