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Foundation Type: Do You Need To Use Setting Powder?

Foundation Type: Do You Need To Use Setting Powder?

Do I Need Setting Powder For Liquid or Cream Foundation?

So what is setting powder? In case, you don’t know what setting powder is, basically it’s exactly what it sounds like. No surprises. It’s a powder you can use to set your liquid or cream foundation. Notice I said you “can” use it. And you don’t need to use it for powdered foundation. So do you need to use setting powder?

Powder Foundation

If you don’t use liquid or cream foundations, don’t worry yourself with a setting powder. There isn’t any liquid in your foundation, so there’s nothing to set. Your makeup shouldn’t run down your face or anything like that.

That being said, your makeup can get a little oily throughout the day, especially when it’s really hot outside. In this case, you could either carry some blotting paper to blot the oil off of your face throughout the day, or you could reapply some more of your powdered foundation.

Or if for some reason you didn’t want use your to apply any more foundation, you could technically use a setting powder and that will help those oils that tend to build up on your face throughout the day.

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Liquid Foundation

In my opinion, you almost always need to use a setting powder when using liquid foundation. That being said, do you need to use setting powder just because I tell you to? Certainly not. There are even cases where I don’t use it myself.

Liquid Foundation is water based, so as the water in the foundation evaporates, the foundation dries (and sets) on your skin. So it’s technically not necessary.

Setting powder tends to give you a more matte look. You’re setting that liquid, and thus, you’re also losing that dewy, glowing look you can get from a wet liquid foundation.

If you have oily skin, (even if you want a dewy look) you should at least set your foundation in the problem areas. That is the areas that tend to get oily throughout the day. The forehead, nose, and chin areas are the most prone to getting oily. So those with oily skin should at least set that area.

Now, not at liquid foundations are made the same. Some are a lot more liquidy than others. Use your best judgement. Do you have dry skin and are using a thicker liquid foundation? If so, you probably can skip on the setting powder. Do you have oily skin and are using a very thin liquid foundation? You should probably use some setting powder all over.

There’s not a one size fits all when it comes to skin care because we all have different skin. So play around with it. Just think about why you might or might not want to use setting powder, and you can figure out what is best for you!

Again, there’s no one size fits all. Don’t let anyone tell you how you HAVE to do something. Just because I use setting powder almost every time I do my liquid foundation DOESN’T mean you have to.

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Cream Foundation

Cream foundations are usually wax or oil based – not water based. This means that that you MUST use a setting powder or your foundation is going to move. It doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin. Either way, you’re gonna need that setting powder!

Since you have to set cream foundations, it’s definitely an important step to prime your skin with some kind of moisturizer or moisturizing primer.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about setting your foundation. If you have anything to add, as always leave a comment down below!

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