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Lamora Brushes Review: An Affordable Makeup Brush Set You’ll Love

Lamora Brushes Review: An Affordable Makeup Brush Set You’ll Love

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So a few years ago, I spent $100 on my Sedona Lace Vortex Brush Set. I’d been wanting one of the sets from Sigma, but as a freshman in college, I just couldn’t afford it.

I’m about to graduate from college (yay!), and I’ve been thinking a lot about brushes recently. I had this itch to buy the same Sigma set I’d wanted three years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Sedona Lace set, but I’ve had some shedding issues with a few of them. So I set out to find a new (affordable) brush set to add to my collection. Y’all know how I’m all about saving money!

That’s when I ran across Lamora brushes from Amazon. They’re the top seller in the makeup brushes category at $39.99 for 5 face brushes and 5 precision brushes, and they appear to be “dupes” for the Sigma Essentials Kit (Sigmax brushes). So. Are they worth the hype?

Before we get to my full review, I filmed my first impressions that I hope you will find helpful!

My Review of The Lamora Brush Set

Lamora Flat Kabuki - Sigma F80 Brush Dupe

Flat Kabuki

This would basically Lamora’s “dupe” for the Sigma F80 brush. If you ever watch YouTube videos on makeup, you know how much everyone raves about this brush! I don’t have the F80, but I do have the Sonia Kashuk flat top kabuki, which I love, love, love.

All of these brushes are very dense. And this one is definitely no exception. The bristles are a little bit longer than they are on the F80. At least from what I can tell, and they are certainly longer than those on my Sonia Kashuk brush. What’s that matter?

Well that means that the bristles tend to have a little more give. Now if apply your foundation in a smaller circular manner, then you’ll find that this brush won’t give as much. That being said, I think this is a very good brush. I had no problems getting a finish that I was satisfied with.

I have washed all of these Lamora brushes several times, and I have experienced minimal (if any) shedding, which is awesome!

Lamora Round Kabuki - Lamora Brushes Review From Amazon

Round Kabuki

First of all, when I saw this brush in my set, I was really disappointed. It was cut unevenly! WHY?! Okay, but once I got past the minor imperfection, I didn’t really find that I had any trouble actually using the brush.

Surprisingly, I actually really like this brush for foundation application. Everyone likes the flat top for foundation brushes, but I found that I almost like this round top kabuki better! Its pretty dense, so not the best for something like blush (which I use it for in the video). Its definitely great for liquid or cream products. It buffed out my RCMA foundation beautifully!

Lamora Brush Review - Tapered Kabuki Brush

Tapered Kabuki

This one is one of my favorites in the set. Not necessarily because it’s really any better than the other brushes, but because I don’t have any other brushes like this. The pointed tip on this brush makes it great for getting into those precise areas. I usually reach for this when I’m looking to blend an under eye concealer. It works very well for that. In fact, I’ll often set with the same brush!

Flat Angled Kabuki - Lamora Brush Set Review

Flat Angled Kabuki

At first, I really had no idea what to do with this brush, but after looking at Sigma’s writeup on their version of these brushes, I realized what it was intended for.

Another alternative for foundation application, this brush (since its angled) allows you to get at those hard to reach areas a little easier. (Areas like the under the area, nose, etc)

I love this brush as much as the other Lamora brushes! I get a nice clean application, and the angle really does make a difference.

Lamora Brushes Set Review - Angled Kabuki Makeup Face Brush

Angled Kabuki

Unlike the other foundation brushes, this angled kabuki has a “pinched” ferrule (that’s the metal part that holds the handle to the bristles!). This means that the area at the top of the brush is a little smaller (or perhaps just longer and less wide).

Since this brush does have that pinched ferrule, the width of the brush is a little smaller, meaning that you can use it for a little more precise of an area if you would like. If you don’t have a contour brush already, this could definitely function as that for you! I have used this angled kabuki for contouring the hollows of my cheeks, and I’ve found it works. It’s a little dense to blend out the powder as much as I would like… But it gets the job done.

On the other hand, if you have a cream blush or bronzer or contour shade that you would like to apply, this would work great for that!

Lamora Precision Flat Brush - Review!

Precision Flat Top

In my first impressions video, I really tried to make these brushes work for large application of either concealer or for eyeshadow. Annnnddd… That didn’t work out so well. So! Ive finally figured them out.

This flat top precision brush is best for you standard concealer cover up. Got a pimple coming out on your cheek? This is the brush to get that nice, stippled application of concealer. Its a pretty particular use, but it’s definitely come on handy.

Ive been particularly surprised at how well you can buff out that area if you would like to. This usually only works with thicker concealers, but I can actually get a really nice coverage that minimizes my pores!

Precision Round - Lamora Set of Face Brushes

Precision Round

This one’s pretty stiff and dense. I’ve used it as a concealer brush (similar to the way I would use the previous brush), but I’ve found that a lot of times it will move the product around if they’re too liquidy. It works better with thicker concealers and can also be used to apply an eyeshadow base/primer. Just be careful. It is stiff, and you don’t want to poke your eye out.

Lamora's Precision Tapered Brush from Amazon

Precision Tapered

I’ve used this one for a couple of things and had success. One is applying concealer in a very small area. I tend to get a lot of redness righr around my nose. This is great for applying concealer to that small area and blending it out.

I also really like this brush for detailed contour brush. I have a somewhat bulbous nose (at least I think I do), and so when I apply my nose contour right around my nostrils (that sounds gross haha), I like the precision I can get with this brush.

Precision Flat Angled - Lamora Brushes (Affordable Brush Set Review)

Precision Flat Angled

Again, I use this brush for concealer. I tend to prefer this one over the regular flat top, just because it’s a little easier to get into those tighter areas. Other than that, its very comparable to the regular flat top.

Lamora Brush Set Review! - Precision Angled

Precision Angled

More contouring is what I get out of this baby. The nice rounded edges of this brush allow for nice blending around the nose.

I don’t use this one for a cheekbone contour because I find that its hard to get a natural looking contour, but if I was going for a very dramatic look, I might also use this brush for that.


These brushes are incredibly soft and dense, and they feel like they are much more expensive than they are. BUT, there is something about them that I don’t like. If run your finger through some of them.. It’s kind of like the bristles get out of place and can make the brush look uneven. It’s not a huge deal. I just put them right back into place. But this is something I’ve never noticed with any other brushes (at least so far).

Lamora Brushes - Tapered Kabuki Bristles Out Of Form
It’s not really uneven. The bristles are just out of place.. Weird!

Originally, I was kind of upset that the smaller couldn’t be used for eyeshadow application, but they have found a place in my brush set. After reading what Sigma recommended theirs for, it made using mine a lot easier, and I am happy with them.

Lamora Brushes: Overall Thoughts

Although these brushes are composed of synthetic fibers which can work with either powder or liquid/cream products, I’ve found that these work much better with creams. Their denseness works beautifully to blend out concealer, foundation, etc. I find that they are just too stiff to blend out powders the way that I want them to. So please keep that in mind if you are considering purchasing this set.

Is this the best brush set? By no means am I saying it is the best. If you’re just starting out, or you really want a good set of brushes for you liquid/cream face makeup, then I think this set is a good option. But it’s not the only one.

Now, if you’re not one to use concealer except as a highlight under the eyes, then pass on this set. The precision brushes are just too small to work in such a large area. Hench the name precision.

Buy The Lamora Brushes

If you are interested in this set and you can, I would wait on purchasing these and check out my first impressions and review on the Jessup brush set available from eBay. They are almost identical to this set, and they are only $15! That’s $25 less than I paid for this set.

Hope y’all enjoyed my review, and as always, if you have any questions/requests, please feel free to contact me. Oh, and happy late Easter 🙂

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