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Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Concealer Review!

Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Concealer Review!

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Sheer Miracle Wide Awake

I’m super excited to able to say that this Wide Awake Concealer was sent to me from Sheer Miracle! Now, I don’t want any of you to think that I was asked to give a positive review or was paid for this review at all. All of these opinions are my own, and this is a completely honest review.

My Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Concealer Review

This probably isn’t something that I need to say here, but it should hopefully give you a little more insight into how honest I am with my reviews. I wasn’t expecting too much from this product. I even thought there was a good chance I might not like it at all. Why? Because I just haven’t had a great experience with these under eye concealers. I have found regular concealers that do a decent job for the under eye area, such as the Revlon Age Defying Concealer. But as far as a concealer specifically for dark circles? I haven’t had the most luck. (I’ll let you know soon what concealers I’ve tried as I compare them to this one).

Does it cover dark circles?

Yes! Now this isn’t totally surprising since that’s what its supposed to do. In fact you can find some concealers that will do the same thing. That said, I will say that I love the way this concealer brightens the under eye area. True to its name, you will look wide awake!

Before Sheer Miracle Concealer
Here’s a before for you. Face clean with no makeup!
Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Concealer Applied
Here’s what it looks like right after I apply it. See how bright the under eyes get?!
Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Concealer After Application
Here’s what my full face of the Wide Awake Concealer, foundation, bronzer, and blush looks like.
Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Concealer Full Face
And full face!

The Wide Awake Concealer from Sheer Miracle


I’m not going to lie. I wish the concealer was a little more creamy, but I can understand why it’s not. You won’t want to get too much on your hand when applying it. Just dab a little on your finger and see how much more you need. You’d be surprised how so little goes a long way. The concealer is pretty dry, a little difficult to blend even, but this also means that it’s not going anywhere. This isn’t the kind of concealer that’s going to run on you throughout the day.

When you compare this product to the yellow NYX Full Coverage Concealer, which isn’t exactly an under eye concealer (but supposedly yellow and pink are supposed to counteract dark circles), it’s much less dry. The NYX Concealer I found was very hard to work with, and the results it gave me were less than desirable. It’s one of those products that sits in my makeup bag almost completely untouched.

I’ve also tried the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment (long name, I know). This concealer is quite different from the NYX and from this Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Concealer. It’s very liquidy, comparable to the texture of a liquid foundation. I think this is part of it’s downfall. I won’t say it’s a horrible concealer, but I think because of its lack of solidity, it doesn’t last quite as long and is a little more prone to moving around throughout the day.

Wide Awake Concealer by Sheer Miracle


Its a little more pricey than your drugstore concealers that will run you around $10 (for the better ones at least), but at $16, I don’t think it breaks the bank either. For something that does what it says it will do, I think it’s a good deal. Sometimes I buy expensive things, and I still don’t even get what I wanted. If a good under eye concealer is what you’re looking for, then I say go for it. My grandma has this saying, and it goes like this: “The most expensive thing you own is the thing you never use”. Since it’s not quite an “essential” item, the value of it really depends on you.

Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Concealer Container

Would I recommend/purchase?

Like I said before, it’s something that isn’t exactly necessary for you to do your makeup. Would I recommend this product? Definitely. It’s the best dark circle concealer I’ve had yet! Do I plan on purchasing it when I run out? Hmm. That’s a difficult question to answer. Not because I don’t think I will use it a lot; I love it already! The problem is I’m still a college student with a limited budget, so under eye concealers aren’t my first choice when it comes to my makeup spending money. But I will definitely think about purchasing it in the future when I graduate or maybe even when I’m making good money this summer in my internship!

I hope this review helped and that you enjoy your Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Concealer as much as I did! If you wish to grab this product, click here to get it today.

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