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Review: Benefit Brow Bar Experience

Review: Benefit Brow Bar Experience

It wasn’t long ago that I had never had my eyebrows waxed before. Never. And I just randomly decided one day that it was time. I never realized how wild my eyebrows were until I started waxes, and I pretty much never want to go back. (I say this as my eyebrows need a desperate waxing.. I just started my full time job and it’s hard to find the time! I’m going this weekend though :D)

So if you’re reading this post, then that means you probably are wondering..

Where should I get my eyebrows waxed?

Of course, you’re not just wondering where you should get them waxed. But how much moola? Let me start by telling you this. The Benefit Brow Bar is pricey – at $21.00 for an eyebrow wax. That’s before tip… Yikes!

And let me also tell you this.. It’s worth every penny. At least if you want a guaranteed amazing brow wax. Someone just told me about a salon that does amazing eyebrow waxes for $10. (I’m definitely checking that out). So I’m not saying you can’t get a great wax at a great price. I’m saying that the Benefit Brow Bar experience is top of the line.

So in my opinion, unless you’ve been referred to some other salon, you should definitely check out Benefit’s Brow Bar! The ladies there are spectacular!

Brow Mapping

First thing they will do when they sit you down is map your brows. What is brow mapping? It’s where they use a pencil to fill in the area of your brow that they aren’t going to wax. So basically, rather than just wax of your eyebrows and hope for the best, they’ll map you and you can tell them if you want them to change the shape.

Do you want your brows more angular? Would you like them to be a little thinner? Perhaps you like your brows to be a little thicker. This is the time to tell them what you want.

This is my favorite part of Benefit’s brow experience. You get to tell them how to do your brows, because at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s got to live with them!

I remember my first brow waxing experience. I tried to tell the lady what I wanted, but she wasn’t having any of it. She just waxed away, and I didn’t like them at all. Needless to say, I never went back. The total opposite experience is what I’ve had a Benefit’s Brow Bar. It’s your brows. You get to call the shots.


Once you’re satisfied with the brow mapping, they’ll start using the wax. Unfortunately I’m not sure what wax they use.. It’s unbranded (well, it says Benefit), and I’ve never seen a wax sold in stores quite like it.

I’m not going to lie. This part hurts. But so does any brow waxing. They always take their time at this stage. Making sure they get all of the hair outside of the lines, but don’t worry. They’re not going to wax the same area over and over.

Post Wax

Once they’ve waxed your eyebrows, the Brow Bar experience doesn’t stop there. They spend the same or more time in the post phase as they do with the waxing.

In my experience, they will usually take a sample mascara wand and eyebrow scissors to trim your eyebrow hairs. Sounds weird, but trust me, it makes a huge difference!

After they’ve trimmed your eyebrows, they will go back and use a tweezer to get any hairs that the wax might have missed 🙂

And after ALL that, they’ll still go back and ask if it looks okay. If you’re not happy and there’s something they can do about it (ie, make your brows just a little thinner), then definitely say something! I’ve done this and while they usually won’t go back in with the wax, they’ll refine the shape with tweezers. I swear, some of these girls have tweezer magic skills. (I always have problems tweezing. I can’t get more than one at a time). But the Benefit Brow Bar specialists can do wonders!

That’s it. It’s a pretty simple process, but the attention to detail makes all of the difference. I can almost guarantee that you’ll spend the next few days after your brow wax checking out your brows thinking they’ve never looked so good.

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