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Must-Have Urban Decay Eye Shadows

Must-Have Urban Decay Eye Shadows

So I’ve been thinking about it.. And I’ve come to realize. I’m a UD junkie. Seriously. I love their eyeshadows…. So much that if I could only use one brand of makeup it would be theirs – JUST because of those creamy, satin and glitter eyeshadows. They’re beautiful! Don’t believe me? Take a stroll over to your local Sephora or Ulta and swatch them out for yourself. With a great primer, there’s not much you can’t do without these shadows. So let’s get to my must-have urban decay eyeshadows!

Personally, I think the Naked palettes are awesome. They’re a great deal (over time becoming less so as they raise the prices). You’ll spend much more money if you buy the shadows individually at $19 a pop! Ouch! That being said, if you get one of the palettes with 10 shadows, chances are you’re not going to use all of them. So if you want to build your own palette – a palette of shadows you’ll actually love and use, this is the post for you!

Side note: If you aren’t willing to spend the money for the individual shadows and are really looking to get the best range of shadows for the best price, then you’ll want to take a look at the original Naked palette. It is by far my favorite of the bunch, and the colors work well with everyone! It’s pretty warm toned, and I’ll be honest I’ve been loving the cooler more taupe colors lately… but this is the palette I always go back to. It’s getting pretty old, so I might even have to buy another!

Half Baked

Best Urban Decay Eye Shadows - Half Baked

This is probably the number one shadow you’ll know about if you don’t know any other Urban Decay shadows. And it’s worth the hype! I don’t use it enough, but it’s just about the most brilliant gold you’ll find in an eye shadow.

Naked & Buck

Urban Decay Naked & Buck - Must Have Eye Shadows

These are two great and ESSENTIAL eye shadows. They’re perfect for a natural warm look. Trust me. The matte eye shadows are important too.


Sidecar - Favorite Urban Decay Eye Shadows

What a beautiful glittery eye shadow. It doesn’t demand too much attention, but trust me – it’s such a versatile shadow.


*Palette Exclusive* This is an interesting one. I’ve definitely hit pan on this one. It looks like a purple, but it’s really a nice cool brown. So pretty, and while it’s not totally matte, it still makes a great crease color!


*Palette Exclusive* Probably an understated eye shadow for most. But it’s a perfect taupe – a nice contrast to the normal matte browns we use in our crease!


Which are the best Urban Decay Eye Shadows? Snakebite

If you’re wanting a dark smoldering smokey eye, using this shadow as lid color will give you just that. It’s beautiful!


YDK - Urban Decay Eye Shadows

You’ll have to be careful with this shadow. It’s prone to fallout, but it is GORGEOUS. One of my favorite – if not my favorite – glitter eye shadows ever!


*Palette Exclusive* This is the only eye shadow I’m including from the Naked 3 palette. And I debated whether or not to put it on the list, to be honest.  But it’s pretty. A little understated, a little glittery. A hidden gem.


Urban Decay Blackout - UD Eye Shadow Must-Haves

Okay, so yeah it’s black. Probably not what you’d think would make a list like this, but it’s such a dark black. Blendable. Everything you want in a black eyeshadow to pump up that smokey eye.

Let me know what your favorite Urban Decay eye shadows are! Which shadows can you not live without? Which are your “must-haves”?

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