Artis Brushes: The Ultimate Search For An Affordable Dupe

Does a true Artis brush dupe exist? Well, that's what we're here to find out! I've had my Artis Oval 7 brush for a bit now, and I'm on the hunt to find the best and most affordable Artis brush dupes that I can! Just a kind of guide to this post, it's a live post! And what I mean by that is that I will be continually updating this post as I receive different brushes and gather my thoughts on them! So if you're as interested I am in finding dupes for these interesting paddle/toothbrush looking [click to continue ...]
Makeup holiday savings guide 2014

Holiday Savings Guide 2014

If you’re looking to gift some makeup this year, and you still haven’t picked anything up, no fear! I’ve got some great deals for you here. (Unintentional rhyming here haha) Sephora doesn’t really have “sales” very often besides the occasional coupon for Beauty Insiders and the minimal clearance, so if you’re looking for deals at Sephora, then this is the best time to be looking! They always some awesome sets that are a great deal for the money during the Holidays. Problem is [click to continue ...]
sephora black friday sales 2014

Sephora Black Friday Sales 2014

Sephora Black Friday Sales 2014 With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many of us are starting to get excited not just for that turkey and that delicious pumpkin pie, but also for those great Black Friday sales! For my family and for many others, shopping around on Black Friday has been a fun way to save money. You sit in line waiting forever, but you get to meet and talk to lots of different people and save money at the same time! And since you've found your way here, I'm assuming you're [click to continue ...]