Why I Decided to Spend $25 on the Artis Brush Cleansing Foam

If you're the owner of an Artis brush (or brushes), then you've probably thought at some point.. How the heck do I clean these things? Your average brush is pretty simple to clean. You've probably not even given it a second thought.. You just clean it. Like anything else! (But probably with shampoo). The Artis brushes are known for being VERY dense. Like hundreds of thousands of fibers dense. What do you think happens when you try to wash a brush that dense? It takes forever to dry! I actually [click to continue ...]

Review: Benefit Brow Bar Experience

It wasn't long ago that I had never had my eyebrows waxed before. Never. And I just randomly decided one day that it was time. I never realized how wild my eyebrows were until I started waxes, and I pretty much never want to go back. (I say this as my eyebrows need a desperate waxing.. I just started my full time job and it's hard to find the time! I'm going this weekend though :D) So if you're reading this post, then that means you probably are wondering.. Where should I get my eyebrows [click to continue ...]
How To Apply Most Foundation Primers

How To Apply Primer

A lot of people don't use a makeup primer, and I think that's because of two reasons. They don't know how they should use their prime, and they think it's too expensive. Well, primer is often pretty expensive, but there are some pretty good cheap primers and alternatives (believe it or not)! So if you want to know how to apply primer, just keep reading 🙂 First thing you should know about makeup primers is that there are several different kinds. This post covers how you should apply a typical [click to continue ...]
Can I Reuse My Fake Lashes?

Can You Reuse Fake Lashes?

Having gotten this question a few times, I thought it was something I could address in a post. False lashes are fun. They range from neutral (ish) to extremely dramatic, and they can really add a lot to your makeup look. The problem is that they can be pretty pricey. The average pair of Ardell lashes (probably the most popular brand of fake lashes) costs about $4. Did you hear me? $4 for ONE pair of lashes! So the question here is can you reuse fake lashes? And the answer is absolutely. Of [click to continue ...]
How To Pick The Perfect Lipstick Color

Picking Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

I was talking to my mom over Spring Break, and she was telling me about how much trouble she has finding a shade of lipstick she likes. She doesn’t really wear much makeup, but she wears lipstick to church and special occasions. She wouldn’t mind spending a little more money on a lipstick if the shade was right. No one wants to spend a lot of money buying tons of lipstick that either barely show up on your lips or just don’t look good with your skin tone. So picking your perfect lipstick [click to continue ...]
Can You Use Bronzer For Contouring?

How To Choose The Best Contouring Shade

We've all seen the YouTube videos that talk about using a bronzer to contour your face. I know I've been guilty of doing this in the past, but I'm here to set you all straight. Bronzers are not contour powders. There may skin tones for which a bronzing shade may work as a contour shade. But! This bronzing shade can never work as a contour shade and a bronzing shade on the same shade! Let's first talk about what a bronzer is. "Bronze". A bronzer is something you use to give your face that [click to continue ...]
Why You Need Eyeshadow Primer

Why You Need Eyeshadow Primer

A lot of girls I've talked to think they can't do eyeshadow. Either it doesn't look good or it just doesn't last. And I'm here to tell you that (almost) all of your problems can be solved by an eyeshadow primer! What does an eyeshadow primer do? Basically, an eyeshadow primer works as a base for you eyeshadow. It can often provide pigmentation to allow the primer not only to adhere your eyeshadow to your lids but also to help with any discoloration that you might have. If you have veiny [click to continue ...]
Do I Need Setting Powder For Liquid or Cream Foundation?

Foundation Type: Do You Need To Use Setting Powder?

So what is setting powder? In case, you don’t know what setting powder is, basically it’s exactly what it sounds like. No surprises. It’s a powder you can use to set your liquid or cream foundation. Notice I said you “can” use it. And you don’t need to use it for powdered foundation. So do you need to use setting powder? Powder Foundation If you don’t use liquid or cream foundations, don’t worry yourself with a setting powder. There isn’t any liquid in your foundation, so [click to continue ...]
Tips To Know Before Buying Makeup Online

5 Tips For Buying Makeup Online

Seems like we do everything online these days. And I’m no exception. I catch myself constantly checking prices online and buying things here and there. But what about makeup? Buying makeup online can be kind of tough. It’s hard enough going through the cosmetic aisle at Walmart and trying to figure out which foundation shade is best for you when you can’t try the color on your skin. So in a way, buying makeup online isn’t as hard as you might think. And there can definitely be some benefits [click to continue ...]

5 Beginner Friendly Foundations To Try

If you're just starting to wear makeup, then you might be a little overwhelmed! Where do you start? Foundation is a good place to start out because it's the base of your makeup! So here are 5 beginner friendly foundations to try depending on your skin type and preference. Revlon Colorstay This is pretty much my number one choice for someone starting out who needs a full coverage foundation. For the price, I don't think it gets much better than this. My only huge complaint with this one [click to continue ...]